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On branch: announcement
Version 0.01 actual features and the road ahead
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Welcome to the Iron Tree project.

edit: the project name changed from Iron Tree to Moon Tree project. Too many things where already named Iron Tree.

edit2: the project is here on github

What is the Iron Tree?

The Iron Tree is a link aggregator like reddit or hackernews. The big difference is that it is opensource (I'm working on releasing the code soon), you can host your own Iron Tree server and it is decentralized.

What does decentralized mean?

It's like with emails. You can have an @gmail account or and @hotmail account and they will be able to send mails to each other even if it's not the same server / mail provider. With the Iron Tree project each server (hosted by anyone that want to host one) can talk to each other. You could host your own server, create an account there and answer to this post here which is in my server.

How complete is the project?

It's very fare from complete. I decided to cut a lot's of corners to show a first 'working' version as soon a possible. I, for example, don't have a proper database right now, everything is stored as files on disk. Its sounds crazy (and it is) but I wanted to make the first publishable version as soon as possible to get some feedback.

Things I have to do:

use a real database fix compatibility with mastodon check compatibility with other activityPub projects (like peertube) secure server to server data sharing work on the UI (I did not realy test on mobile) and so many other things

How can you help?

When I will put the code on github everybody will be able to contribute. If you have programming experience I invite you to check it and maybe run your own server.

You can also show this project to other peoples that are interested in a decentralized web. But most of all you can start using the Iron Tree right now by posting things and creating branches (what a sub-reddit is called here)!

Edit: I made a lot's of modifications since writing this post, you can go look at the announcement branche to see what is new.


Everything about the state of the project, new versions etc…